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Your Friendly Freelance Florist

It was my Uncle Albert, a passionate lover of roses, who sparked my early interest in gardening.  I recall spending many a happy hour “helping” him with his hundreds, and I mean hundreds, of special flowers.

In later years, It was my daughter who asked me to grow and arrange the flowers for her wedding, which prompted what was to be the birth of a new career.

I have always had a strong passion for learning and challenging myself so I decided to take my daughter up on her request, even though we had no date to aim for at the time.

I had great difficulty finding available local tuition due to working full time in finance. Eventually I found a floristry teacher with a thriving business in Worcester, and commenced a year of tuition leading up to my first wedding.  After achieving this goal I realised there was a lot more to learn and enjoy about the floristry industry.

I signed up with the then newly created British Academy of Floral Art in Exeter, going forward over several years gaining level 3, level 4, and now about to complete my level 5 City & Guilds which will make me a British Master Florist.  During these years of study, I became a freelance wedding florist, and then in 2017 I went on to open a shop in Great Torrington.

My belief is that qualifications are sometimes given short shrift in this industry, but the benefit from choosing a qualified florist is that you are in a safe pair of hands, that any design style of your choice can be created.